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The World to Japan

From entering the Japanese market to expanding sales,
PROMO JAPAN provides full support for your company's products and services.

The World to Japan

Our Company's Strengths

Creative Team

Creative Team

Producers, Directors, Planners, Photographers, Photo Shoots, Editors, Designers, Web Engineers

A wealth of experience and achievements

A wealth of experience and achievements

15 years of Marketing Consulting, 20 years of E-Commerce Consulting

One Stop Service

One Stop Service

We provide full support from initially entering the Japanese market to after entering the market.


Consulting Menu

From thorough research in Japan to a deep analysis of the market and external environments,
we provide support for our clients through strategic product planning.



  • Internet research
  • In-store survey
  • Group interviews
  • Applicable interviews, etc.


  • Various marketing analysis
    (PEST, SWOT, 3C, STP, 4P, etc.)

Strategic Planning

  • Customer segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • 4P’s of Marketing (Marketing Mix)
  • Brand concept proposal, etc.

Promotion Menu

We offer an one-stop promotion service following the Japanese consumer behavior model.

Marketing funnel


First time exposure to the brand/product

Influencer promotion

Desire, Comparsion

Research and compare with similar products

Comparison of ads across websites

Action (Purchase)

Purchasing products after consideration

Build and manage your company's website

Life time value


Develop brand loyalty & encourage repurchasing

Oversee CRM (Newsletter distribution, call center, etc.)


Share through social media or word of mouth

Social media campaign

(Dissemination of content)

Social mediamanagement (spread, share, pick out, etc UGC)

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