Japanese Tiktoker Promotion Report XROSS DRONE PLATFORM

Japanese Tiktoker Promotion Report XROSS DRONE PLATFORM

Published on February 28, 2023

A Japanese company asked us to promote their construction-related product, drone surveying, through Tiktoker.We had a hard time finding influencers for this project because it was a very specialized product, but we assigned "kenchikushi_sho", an architect influencer, to the project.

Promotion Objective

To attract customers to XROSS DRONE PLATFORM

To increase awareness of drone surveying

Overal Measure

Drone surveying is a simple and easy method of surveying that can be done at about one-sixth the cost of the labor and cost that would normally be required by a surveyor. Since awareness of drone surveying is still low in Japan, we used influencers to promote awareness.

About the Appointed Influencer "kenchikushi_sho"

While working as an active architect, he is also active as an influencer.

He is a teacher of architects and an admired figure among students who aspire to become architects.

Tiktok (65.6k followers)

Instagram (29.0k followers)

YouTube (14.8k followers)


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