YouTuber promotion by Korean cosmetics brands has exceeded 200,000 views!!

YouTuber promotion by Korean cosmetics brands has exceeded 200,000 views!!

To promote the recognition of the Japanese F1 class (women in their 20s) of the popular brand GREEN CLUB, which ranked high in the Korean version of at-cosmetics, we promoted it with YouTuber. 

·Purpose: Promoting awareness in the Japanese market in line with the mega-percentage period of Q10 (November 15)

· PR products eyelash serum, avocado eye cream, gel eyeliner, waterproof mascara, auto eyebrow

·Target women between the ages of 18 and 25

·Release date and time: November 15, 2021, Qoo10 Million discount sale

·Appointed YouTuber Amika Club

·137,000 views two weeks after the release (December 2021) and 200,000 views one year after the release (November 2022).

Below is a brief flow from our proposal to implementing the YouTuber promotion for your reference.

first meeting⇨creator's suggestion⇨Confirmation of creators and securing schedules⇨Orientation Sheet Description⇨shipment of goods⇨Submission of the first draft of a video⇨Submission of video correction document⇨video release

※1 to 2 months from the first meeting to the release​​​​​​​


It was a promotion where I could feel the goodness of the product close to home by using Amika Club, which is very popular among young people."There were many favorable comments, and I could feel the popularity of the product even more."


If you are an overseas cosmetics company and would like to tie up with Amika Club, please contact us here.

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