Instagram Promotion Report ”Nagasakiwagyu”

Instagram Promotion Report ”Nagasakiwagyu”

February 17, 2023

We conducted a promotion of Nagasaki Wagyu, a brand of beef from Nagasaki Prefecture, a local government in Japan, for the U.S. market.

This time, we invited local buyers and influencers to a Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Fair at J-spec, a restaurant specializing in Wagyu beef in New York.

At the Nagasaki Beef Fair, we provided samples of dishes made with Nagasaki Wagyu beef, and asked influencers to share their experiences to spread the word.





Promotion Objective

To raise awareness of the Nagasaki Wagyu brand, mainly in New York

Promotion Outline

On February 15, 2023, we invited buyers from New York and influencers based in New York and held a Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Fair at J-Spec, a restaurant specializing in wagyu beef.

At the Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Fair, buyers and influencers enjoyed samples of dishes made with Nagasaki Wagyu beef and its appeal.

We aimed to achieve our goal by having buyers promote Nagasaki Wagyu beef in their stores, etc. and having influencers spread the appeal of Nagasaki Wagyu to as many people as possible.

The influencer's post announced a limited-time Nagasaki Wagyu menu available at J-Spec and offered a special offer to those who viewed the post.

Featured Influencers

We selected two influencers, one male and one female, who specialize in the food industry and are active in New York.


Mattbruck runs a food consulting business, loves food himself, and actively communicates on Instagram. He has a high level of knowledge and interest in Japan, and his wife is Japanese! She was the perfect match to our purpose!


Another one is BrunchNut. She is a food influencer who mainly communicates about food in New York.


Nagasaki Wagyu Beef

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