Youtube PR Success Story: Sabae Virtual Mall

Youtube PR Success Story: Sabae Virtual Mall

The Sabae Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched the manufacturing EXPO "MADE FROM 2024" on December 1st. It is an exhibition that combines virtual mall and real life, and will include "Virtual Mall J" (December 1st to January 31st, 2024) and “Tokyo Exhibition” (Ginza Fukui Shoku no Kuni 291: December 11th to 25th). Aoyama/Fukui Minami Aoyama 291: December 20th to 24th). With a theme of expansion and levitation and a concept of local luxury, you can tour the production areas and purchase products in a digital space. At the Tokyo exhibition, you can actually touch and purchase the products. 

To promote this campaign, an Italian Youtuber “Tommaso in Giappone” is a perfect fit. He has been living in Japan for 10 years and therefore knows a lot about Japan. Apart from gaining 163k Youtube subscribers, he is also the founder of Dondake, one of the most famous Japan-themed sites in Italy. He has been actively involved in organized group tours in Japan and also assisting individuals, couples or small groups. Click the link below to watch Tommaso’s promotion video:

Video published on 2023.12.15

Mr. Tommaso had the opportunity to go on-site to Sabae and visit some local businesses and discover the production process of glasses. He has done a great job in featuring the highlights of Sabae as the city of glasses, where over 90% of the glasses produced in Japan are made here. Sabae is famous throughout the world for the production of the highest quality glasses and therefore is the center of excellence in Japan for artisanal production.

With just a time span of 5 days, the video has received more than 16k views and many positive comments from viewers. Some comments include:
“Truly a very interesting and quality topic, addressed with extreme professionalism, content of a very high level”
“I really like videos where you go to factories and particular artisans and teach us that Japan that isn't so well known... keep going Tommaso!”
“ I found this video interesting and very "real." To have involved and interviewed a Japanese person in his environment is something you don't see often and it conveys something different from the "usual" videos of us Italians abroad. Bravo!!! 👏🏻”
(comments translated from Italian to English) 

We believe that this campaign will continuously grow and bring a positive impact to the client.
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