Youtuber Promotion report “Runhood” Portable Power Station Part 4

Youtuber Promotion report “Runhood” Portable Power Station Part 4

Portable Power Station “Runhood” series HE 600 by Runhood Power Inc. was again promoted on another youtube channel named “Kenji Perm Camping”. The promotion video includes 5% discount code for purchases on Amazon!

The Youtuber “Kenji” is a talented creator who is specialized in the outdoors and has many successful achievements. He launched a knife as his first product brand and raised over 20 million JPY on a crowdfunding site Makuake. He started his Youtube channel on 2020, which focuses on solo camping. The number of channel subscribers exceeds 10,000 in 5 months.

Click the link below to watch Kenji’s promotion video:

Video published on 2023.07.30

In the video, Mr. Kenji demonstrates a step by step tutorial of using the product and explains the usage of each feature clearly. When we watch his videos, it feels like we are on an advanteure together with him! That is why you will rarely get bored watching his videos. The video convinced customers that  having a portable power supply like Runhood is very convenient and worth it. Mr.Kenji indeed studied a lot about the product and is an expert in his field.

Runhood is a unique portable power station that has never existed before with the main features below:

  • Replaceable battery design. Even if the battery runs out of charge, it can be immediately used again by replacing the battery. Also, the battery can be replaced even if it deteriorates, so there is no need to replace the main unit. 

  • The battery can be used independently, making it portable and convenient especially during disasters! The DIY design allows us to freely choose the combination of main unit and battery according to our usage.

  • Lightweight and compact size, weighing only 3.8 kg (without batteries)

  • Output power of 600W and can be used with a variety of electrical appliances.

  • Capacity of 648Wh (324Wh/ battery x 2 pcs) is enough for one night of camping. If we use the battery while charging the spare battery, it can be used semi-permanently.

  • Attractive design with a combination of orange and black

This campaign led to many positive comments from viewers, which in turn resulted in purchases. This is a successful project that has been evaluated well by our client, who will continue to do Youtuber promotion in the future to maintain a long-lasting marketing impact. Please stay tuned for Part 5! 

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