[aminospaA+3 Shampoo] promotion report with 70% active ingredients

[aminospaA+3 Shampoo] promotion report with 70% active ingredients

At the request of Fulvio Japans Live Co., Ltd., a shampoo manufacturer in Kumamoto Prefecture, we promoted aminospaA+3 shampoo and aminospaA+395 beauty solution containing 70% active ingredients.
AminospaA+3 is a professional-approved shampoo that sells a total of 500,000 bottles in Japan and is sold only at beauty salons.

This time, we released two promotional videos for Taiwan.


Video released on December 10, 2021

A Taiwanese YouTuber living in the United States.「阿淇博士 Dr. Achi

She has a Ph.D. in chemistry, and her convincing videos based on scientific evidence are well received. We have created and distributed a video based on chemical evidence for this video. We received positive comments about many products from viewers in the comments section.


December 1, 2021 Video Release

A Taiwanese hairdresser YouTuber.「粘阿彬

While running a beauty salon, he also sends information on YouTube to solve women's hair problems. Because it was perfect for this product, from the point of view of a hairdresser, the charm of aminospaA+3 was distributed in a video.