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The World to Japan

Untapped Potential

Extend your brand or product to an new audience and spread awareness,
drive sales and realize a greater potential!

How it Works

From our database of over 2,000 content creators from across the globe, we match Influencers to your product or service.
By working with our expert content creators, we can create campaigns to both boost sales and spread brand awareness.

(Brands and Organizations)

Match the best content creator for your needs

  • What Audience are you trying to reach?
  • What are the goals of your campaign?
Japanese YouTuber

Fulfilling Needs

We offer proposals based on your product and goals.

Attract Japanese customers
to the Clients online store or platform

  1. YouTuber promotes your product
  2. Clients online site linked in the video description

Promote Brand Awareness

  1. YouTuber promotes you game or app
  2. Clients LP liked in the video description

Boost traffic to physical locations

  1. YouTuber promotes products at the Japanese store
  2. Customers learn about store/products and visit themselves

Increase sales

  1. YouTuber introduces tourist area, local food and products
  2. Clients own PR and other information linked in Influencers promotion

Why Promo Japan?

  1. Understanding global needs, applied from a Japanese perspective

    At Promo Japan, half of our staff are non-Japanese, and most of our Japanese staff have lived overseas. Our expertise goes beyond simple translations. We help you navigate Japanese culture for the best possible outcomes.

  2. A Full-Service Influencer Marketing Agency

    From the early planning stages to launch day, we work with you every step of the way to orchestrate the best possible campaign and help you acheive your goals

  3. YouTuber network of over 2,000 members

    Through years of experience in the e-commerce space, we have built a network of Influencers ready and willing to work with us, with hundreds of collaborations with content creators. We can find the best influencers for our clients.

Why use Influencer Marketing?

  1. Audience Trust

    Content creators often have a much more personal and intimate relationship with their audience. There is a high level of trust which can lead to greater results for the right products

  2. An Abundance of Information

    Unlike the average advertisement, online creators can convey a far greater amount of information as well convery greater emotion and familiarity with the brand or product

  3. Longer lasting marketing effectiveness

    Unlike advertisments with set run dates, a social media posts continue to be public and viewed by potentional customers over a longer period of time.


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Once an agreement has been signed by both the client and the influencer, the requested content will be made

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