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Japan to the World

Untapped Potential

Promote your brand or product to an overseas audience and spread awareness,
drive sales and realize a worldwide potential!

Business Model

From our database of over 1700 global YouTubers, we match Influeners to your product or service.
Through international promotion awareness can spead of your company and drive sales.

(Company or provincial body)

Assign Influeners fitting our Clients

  • Which countries?
  • Target culture and age?
  • Most effective Influencers?
Global YouTuber

Fulfilling Needs

We offer proposals based on your product and target.
Depending on your budget we can also assign YouTubers with over 1 million subscribers.
* Average conversion rates are 2-4% of views

Attract customers from overseas
to the Clients EC platform

  1. YouTuber promotes your product
  2. Clients EC site linked in the video description

Bring customers to the clients game or app promotion

  1. YouTuber promotes you game or app
  2. Clients LP liked in the video description

Attract customers to Clients local store or chain

  1. YouTuber promotes products at the international store
  2. Customers learn about store/products and visit themselves

YouTuber Cross-Border Promotion

  1. Client lists products via Zen Markets Cross-border EC Service (Service fee 10% of sales)
  2. YouTuber promotes the available products
  3. Products linked in video description


  1. YouTuber promotes Clients store, attraction or locality by visiting Japan
  2. Attracts Customers, and boosts branding

Tourism PR

  1. YouTuber introduces tourist area, local food and products
  2. Clients own PR and other information linked in Influencers promotion

Why Promo Japan?

  1. Understanding Japanese needs, transforming to a foreign perspective

    At Promo Japan half of our staff are non-Japanese, and most of our Japanese staff have lived overseas. We understand the clients needs from a Japanese persective, and work together to deliver our clients value at its best globally from an international perspective.

  2. International influencer marking company based on Kyushu, Japan

    While most agents operate out of Kantou area, we are based in Kyushu meaning are accessible to local businesses and goverment bodies of the area.

  3. YouTuber network of over 1700 members

    Over the last few years via Cross-border EC, we have built a network of Influencers ready and willing to work with us, and we have over 200 collaboration videos. We can find the Influencer right for our clients.

Why use Influencer Marketing?

  1. Audience Ties

    YouTubers are seen on the same level as their audience, and there is great feeling and high marketing effectiveness.

  2. Information Abundance

    Unlike the average advertisement, the YouTubers appeal involves "Informational", "Visual", "Auditory", "Farmiliarity", "Emotional" strenghts.

  3. Longer lasting marketing effectiveness

    Unlike advertisments with set periods, a YouTuber and Influencers posts continue to be public and viewed by potentional customers.


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Step 2

We will promose a plan for your promotion and offer suitable Influeners

Step 3

Co-ordinate release

Step 4

Upon an agreement between client and influencer, contents are enacted

Step 5

After video or post is completed, it is made public

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