【ExpressVPN】B2 YouTube promotion video has been exceeded 75,00views!

【ExpressVPN】B2 YouTube promotion video has been exceeded 75,00views!

We are introducing the No1 VPN provider 「ExpressVPN」YouTube promotion. 


Objective: Acquisition of subscription users
Target Audience: Japanese Gamer Male and Female 25 years old ~ 
Upload Date:18th Dec 2021

B2」is a channel that plays slow live-action and is known as Super Smash Bros geek
He made the promotion part in a funny way that starts with "I want to rescue Express VPN

Even though this is his first sponsored video, we were able to appeal to users more naturally by inserting a promotional part in the middle of the video that we usually post.

As a result, It was a successful promotion with many positive comments



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