YouTuber Special Interview 英雄日常Heroism (Taiwan)

YouTuber Special Interview 英雄日常Heroism (Taiwan)

The difficulty in marketing using an overseas influencer, including overseas YouTubers, is building relationships and communicating with YouTubers. PROMO JAPAN has built relationships with YouTubers through close communication without going through local agents overseas. In addition, we have created an environment where YouTubers can perform at their best, and we are working on the agenda. I interviewed Heroisme, a hero who is growing rapidly in Taiwan and has collaborated with PROMO JAPAN many times.


After finishing the video shooting in Oita prefecture, they visited the Fukuoka headquarters (the video will be released soon). We introduced sightseeing spots, hotels, and companies in Oita prefecture.) He told me about this interview and PROMO JAPAN.

英雄日常Heroisme interviews

Shudo (manager in charge of PROMO JAPAN YouTuber: Why did you accept this project?Heroism (Heroisme: Heroisme): I accepted this offer because I found it interesting. I felt that it matches the characteristics of my channel. Recently, I filmed a video exploring various parts of Okinawa prefecture and it was well-received by the viewers, so I thought they would like it. Shudo: Is there anything you like about this interview?Hero: I really enjoyed the experience of changing into a yukata. The woman who taught me how to dress up was very kind and enthusiastic. I also wanted to introduce it to my fans.

Shudo: At PROMO JAPAN, we would like to further collaborate with overseas YouTubers.What do you think about future collaboration with PROMO JAPAN? Hero: Of course, we will continue our collaboration. In addition, I would like to receive an opportunity to experience adventure in particular. I would also like to introduce places where tourists rarely visit.

·A spot introduced by heroism in Okinawa. Since its introduction, many Taiwanese tourists have visited and posted more than 150 reviews.

Shudo: What's good about PROMO JAPAN as an overseas YouTuber agent?Hero: I've been working with PROMO JAPAN for a long time, I'm a business partner and I'm like a friend. I am sure that you will be satisfied if there is a PROMO JAPAN-like response that allows you to kindly consult with a YouTuber who is working for the first time.

英雄日常Heroisme and Shudo manager

PROMO JAPAN places importance on the relationship with collaborating YouTubers and bridges each request with YouTubers and clients. If you are thinking of promoting an overseas YouTuber, please contact us.