How do YouTubers make brands? YouTube Promotion.

How do YouTubers make brands? YouTube Promotion.

 Nice to meet you! With the rise of YouTube as a media outlet, YouTube promotions are attracting attention. In particular, YouTubers have a lot of influence overseas, and there are many related articles. However, when it comes to promoting on YouTube, you may wonder, "Is it really effective?" or "How influential are YouTubers?"So on this page, I'm going to translate and share the latest information about YouTubers from overseas sites! Today's first topic is YouTuber's brand power!

How are Top YouTubers launching their own brands?

Many YouTubers are using YouTube to launch their own brand, partly because 18-49-year-olds have more viewers than the U.S. cable network.

While many top YouTubers earn a significant amount of advertising revenue, they use their online publicity to create a partnership and create a brand between YouTubers.(e.g. Bethany Mota’s partnership with Aeropostale)、There are also YouTube that starts their own brands themselves.(e.g. Michelle Phan’s Ipsy

Here are four examples of how YouTube launched its brand!


be one of the top YouTubers in men's lifestyles、Aaron Marino took advantage of both the influence of his YouTube channel and the nearly one million subscribers to bring his brand「I Am Alpha M」to the sun.YouTube's powerful influence allows Marino to connect with millions of viewers around the world on a wide range of topics ranging from personal appearance to health and personal image and style.

Marino viewers around the world can search for more detailed topics about men's lifestyles on YouTube, including his brand site 「IAmAlphaM.com」and personal sites.

Recommended videos of Marino (many videos have over 1 million views)「How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape」 「How To Flirt Without Being Creepy」 「Number 1 Fat Burning Tip


Top YouTuber Olga Kay launched a channel in 2006 focusing on professional juggler skills and various skits.

Since then, her channel has grown to the point of producing more than 800,000 subscribers and more than two million views.

The channel's influence enabled her to launch her brand, Moosh, including 「MooshWorld」and 「MooshWalks」.

"MooshWalks" is Kay's brand of socks, and it's even featured in Forbes!

Kay often introduces products from "MooshWalks" in her popular video series "Will It Juggle."


Known as "Superwoman," Lilly Singh started the channel in 2010, but the first video was viewed 70 times.

Currently, her channel has more than one billion views, attracting more than 7.5 million subscribers!

Her famous video is a skit about her parents and cultural themes, and "The Difference Between Brown And White Girls" and "Types Of Parents" are big hits with 10 million views and 9.4 million views, respectively.

Singh calls his fans and himself unicorns and has launched his own brand named UnicornIsland.ca.

You can buy T-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more on this site!


Rosanna Pansino, one of the 10 richest YouTubers, publishes a cookbook called "Nerdy Nummies" because of her YouTube profile.

The book is named after her popular video series, "Nerdy Nummies – Geeky Cooking Show," which is a recipe video series of cartoons and science fiction, games, and movies.

With over a billion views on YouTube channels ("Nerdy Nummies playlist" alone has more than 22 million views), Pansino has become one of the YouTubers who used his YouTube profile to launch and attract customers.

In addition to Pansino, John Green, Gracie Helbig, Joey Graceffa, Zoella, and many other Top YouTubers have taken advantage of the publicity to write their own books.



As mentioned above, YouTubers are using their publicity to launch their brand.

This makes you feel the influence of YouTubers, and it seems that promotions using YouTube will become more important in the future!

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