Introducing YouTuber for Taiwan and Hong Kong in April 2020

Introducing YouTuber for Taiwan and Hong Kong in April 2020

From April 17th to 3 days, we will invite Taiwan and Hong Kong YouTubers to carry out a special project! Let me introduce you to a YouTuber!

From Taiwan

狄達 TiKToK Taiwan

A growing YouTuber!Hong Kong people live in Taiwan.45% of viewers are in Taiwan, 25% are in Hong Kong, and 18% in Malaysia, and now Kyushu is the target of hot countries! Borderless YouTuber!

Number of subscribers: 32,900 Total views: 2,016,502 Average views / Book: 43,000 views 狄達 TiKToK | YouTube Channel

Ting's Bistro 美食自學廚房 台湾

A gourmet who loves to cook! Viewers are also interested in food! My specialty is Western food! Italian, steak, hamburger, everything! She is also working as a broadcast writer for an online program in Taiwan!

Number of subscribers: 340,000 Total views: 62,530,092 Average views / 113,000 books Ting's Bistro 美食自學廚房|YouTubeチャンネル

From Hong Kong

JASON(大J) 香港

We have implemented a number of promotional projects in Japan and are effective. Our company has been highly effective and reliable in the past. The number of subscribers exceeds 10% of Hong Kong's population!

Number of subscribers: 914,000 Total views: 431,679,369 Average views / Books: 166,000 views​​​​​​​ JASON(大J)|YouTubeチャンネル

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