Introduction of cross-border EC x overseas YouTuber utilization cases

Introduction of cross-border EC x overseas YouTuber utilization cases

PROMO JAPAN operates the cross-border EC site SAMURA BUYER as a separate business. As a cross-border EC site with experience of shipping to 97 countries around the world, we are selling Japanese products to overseas customers through API collaboration with shops such as Yahoo! Rakuten. Recently, we have received many requests to introduce our products to overseas markets. There are disadvantages when developing products overseas, such as promotion methods, communication with customers in foreign languages, payment, and logistics (know-how of international delivery). PROMO JAPAN will use its SAMURAI BUYER business know-how and PROMO JAPAN's relationship with overseas YouTubers to clear the difficulties of overseas sales and expansion. Especially in promotion, many companies are shifting from mass advertising originating from companies to influencers. At the same time, the presence of YouTubers is increasing.


PROMO JAPAN資料 YouTubeのユーザー成長率は協力に成長。またアメリカではYouTube視聴者の内、68%は何かを購買する際にYouTube動画を参考にしています。

Our company has carried out several promotions using overseas YouTubers.Let me introduce you to some of the achievements.

Promotional Case Study Introduction

YouTuber Name: Lockstin & Gnoggin Target Country: US Introduced Product: Nintendo Amiibo PR Point: The product price difference between Japan and overseas, abundant inventory, limited purchase, etc. Performance: More than 110,000 visitors to the SAMURAI BUYER website from YouTubers.


YouTuber Name: Mangaka96 Target Country: Italy Introduced Product: Anime Cell Picture PR Point: A rare and single cell picture can be purchased at SAMURAI BUYER via Yahoo! Performance: A total of more than 28,000 people visited SAMURAI BUYER website from YouTube's public video, and a total of more than 50 customers ordered from our cell-picture website.


The product introduction by a YouTuber from the user's point of view will be delivered directly to overseas customers. In addition, it is easy to share on social media, so it is easy to spread. In addition to promoting to inbound customers, PROMO JAPAN will help you sell products overseas. In addition, even if you are not in a shopping mall such as Rakuten, you can sell products using our unique listing system.​​​​​​​

楽天等のショッピングモールへ出店不要で、海外に商品を直接販売できる「SAMURAI DIRECT」

We offer consultations regarding overseas sales and overseas expansion, such as wanting to know the reaction of the market before entering overseas markets and wanting to conduct experimental overseas sales. Please feel free to Contact us via Contact.