Japanese Black Friday report 2022

Japanese Black Friday report 2022

Finally, Black Friday is approaching.

Black Friday, which started in the U.S., came to Japan around 2014.

It is said that Toys "R" Us was the first to introduce Black Friday as a promotional measure in Japan.

At that time, I was working at an advertising agency as an employee and was in charge of the No1 retail company in Japan.

I remember suggesting a Black Friday sale as a boost before the year-end sales campaign.

It wasn't adopted that year, but the following year it was also proposed that the Black Friday sale be adopted.

I remember that Black Friday, which had no connection with Japanese people, became the foundation for me to become familiar with because I made announcements in commercials, other media, and stores.

Nearly a decade has passed since then, and the Black Friday recognition rate in Japan is about 75%.

The exact size of the market has not been calculated, but there is no doubt that Black Friday's sales are improving every year.

In recent years, Japanesse famous online shopping site such as Amazon and Rakuten have started to sell Black Friday, and I think the market has become more active.

I feel that both the EC and the storefront are getting excited in Japan.

Black Friday is held as usual in large shopping malls, but in recent years, specialty chain stores have also been promoting Black Friday's climb to attract customers.

【shopping mall】



The number of office workers receiving bonuses in Japan is about 35 million. This is about half of the 68.6 million working population.

In Japan, most companies receive summer and winter bonuses in July and December.

The key to increasing sales in Japan is to successfully capture Black Friday sales along with winter bonus sales.

In addition to simply selling products at a sale price, we can increase sales by utilizing various marketing measures to make good use of the situation where consumers are increasingly willing to buy.

We can provide total marketing support in Japan based on your company's various challenges.

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