3 cosmetic influencers recommended by marketers

3 cosmetic influencers recommended by marketers

I have previously introduced influencers recommended for gadgets, but this time I will introduce influencers recommended for cosmetics. The influencer that I recommend this time is also selected from three perspectives as before.

①high level of intimacy with followers

②High quality review videos


The first one is「shikanoma」

She is a beautiful influencer with more than 700,000 followers.

When it comes to the influencer for beautiful women, the number of male viewers increases, but "Kanoma" specializes in sending information to women, so 90% of them are female viewers.

It's only been about four years since I explained YouTube, but I became famous all at once because I succeeded in losing about 12kg of weight.

Her carefully reviewed videos have a good reputation and the comments section is full of positive comments.

And the second one is "Hiyeon Channel."

I also have over 700,000 followers, and as many of you may already know, I am an influencer, a Korean born and raised in Japan.

It will be almost five years since she opened YouTube.

The second book released last year was so popular that it won the top ranking of AMAZON and Rakuten Books.

He also launched his apparel brand "9unq" which is very popular.

Ninety-five percent of female viewers are women of her generation who yearn for her.

The last one is "Nagomi".

The coupling channel "Nakano Channel" has more than 1.39 million followers.

Nakano Channel distributes VLOG about couples living together, but the Nagomi channel distributes beauty-specific information.

The Kansai dialect is characteristic, and its own cosmetics brand has been launched.

Finally, as I mentioned in the previous article introducing gadget-related influencers, what all three of you have in common is that you only promote products that you really think are good.

I think this attitude is connected to trust with viewers.

If you are confident in your products, why don't you consider promoting them with the three selected parties?

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