The Secret to Increasing Sales in Japan

The Secret to Increasing Sales in Japan

Are you curious about the secret to increasing sales in the Japanese market?

If your company is struggling in the Japanese market, please continue reading.


There are three key points.

Understand the business customs and culture of the Japanese market.

Clarify your target audience.

Design a purchase lead by creating a mechanism that follows the purchasing process.


To begin with,

Japan has a unique business practice. It is a wholesale culture.


The global standard is for retailers to purchase products directly from manufacturers and sell them, but in Japan, the standard is for an intermediary company called a wholesaler to enter the whole procedure. Sometimes, the number of these firms can rise to 3. It may seem very wasteful from your point of view, right? 


This culture has been in existence since the Edo period (1603-1868). Moreover, the wholesale market is approximately 2.4 times the size of the retail market.


As a result, in order to distribute products in Japan, it is necessary to capture this wholesale business.

Secondly, defining the target audience clearly for your products is a key strategy.


When we talk with overseas companies, we always ask them about their target demographics, but most of them end up narrowing their target demographics to only a certain age group. In fact, this target is still extremely broad.

As people's tastes and preferences are becoming more diverse, narrowing your target down to just gender and age groups would not be enough to build effective and long-lasting communications. Therefore, we recommend that you clarify the target audience for your product by creating persona(s) for your brand.


Finally, it is very important to design a strategy that is in line with the Japanese purchasing process and encourage the purchase lead. When we consult with our clients, most of them wish influencers to offer direct purchases to customers. However, in this age of excessive goods, it is very challenging to consider influencer promotion as the sole source of sales channels. In other words, the path to purchase needs to be broken down in more detail and well designed. In an age of diversifying interests and information overload, marketing optimization is becoming increasingly important.

Therefore, we offer a one-stop marketing solution that follows the detailed purchasing process of consumers. This one-stop package plan especially always comes with a special discount. 


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