[Exclusive interview] 8 questions for popular YouTubers! [Ting's Bistro Katsuji]

[Exclusive interview] 8 questions for popular YouTubers! [Ting's Bistro Katsuji]

Nice to meet you! This time, I had an exclusive interview with Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho, a popular YouTuber in Taiwan! Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho's YouTube channel is here! Here are eight questions you can ask about why Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho started YouTube and how difficult things are on YouTube.

1. What activities did you do before you started YouTube (e.g., work)?

Interviewer: What did you do before you started working on YouTube?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: I worked in the newspaper industry among the media. It was easy to start working as a Youtuber because I had a basic knowledge of the media and was used to shooting and editing videos.


2. What made you decide to start YouTube?

Interviewer: Why did you decide to start working on YouTube?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: Cooking was my hobby.

I started because I wanted to keep a record of my food by uploading videos to Youtube.


3. Things that are hard to do on YouTube.

Interviewer: What's the big deal about working on YouTube?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: It's important to upload videos at a fixed time every week, and it should always be interesting.


4. What do you value when you shoot a video?

Interviewer: Is there anything you value when shooting videos?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: I think the content is the most important thing. If the content is not good quality, whether the video is beautiful or the story is interesting, it becomes a video without substance. We are conscious of making videos that are fun for viewers and that can be learned.


5. What kind of people are watching the video?

Interviewer: Who's watching the video?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: I think people who are interested in cooking are watching. I would be happier if people who want to cook for themselves could see it.


6. About the videos of previous corporate projects.

Interviewer: What companies have you received video projects from and what videos have you created?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: We collaborated with companies such as meat processing and cooking equipment manufacturers and public organizations. At that time, we strive to build a long-term relationship by making videos with a firm grasp of the key points that our clients require us to promote.


7. What kind of videos do you want to shoot?

Interviewer: What kind of videos would you like to shoot in the future?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: I'd like to create a wider range of cooking videos. For example, there are videos about the qualification of a cook and the management of a restaurant. Basically, we plan to continue producing videos specializing in the genre of cooking.


8. What do you want to try and what do you want to do?

Interviewer: Do you have any new challenges? Also, what is the content?

Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho: I am studying as a cook with the aim of becoming a Western-style restaurant certificate in Taiwan.

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Ting's Bistro Katsuri Shocho's YouTube channel is here!