The PROMO JAPAN website has opened.

The PROMO JAPAN website has opened.

Since 2017, as part of the cross-border EC service "SAMURAI BUYER", we have been conducting an inbound customer attraction business using overseas YouTubers.

In recent years, the importance of inbound PR has increased as the number of tourists visiting Japan increases, and effective overseas marketing channels have been required."In order to further introduce our marketing methods that have been opened overseas, we have newly launched our overseas YouTuber agent business as "PROMO JAPAN"."In line with this, the website has been updated as a new PROMO JAPAN.

PROMO JAPAN will work towards becoming the No. 1 overseas YouTuber agent in Kyushu.


operating company  Direct Co., Ltd. (English name: DIRECT Co., Ltd.)

representative director Tanaka Yasuharu

business description  Businesses and local governments using overseas YouTubers​​​​​​​

head office location 1-10-16 RAGAZZA Daimyo 5F, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka Prefecture