【ExpressVPN】Naruchan YouTube promotion video has been exceeded 230,000views!

【ExpressVPN】Naruchan YouTube promotion video has been exceeded 230,000views!

We are introducing the No1 VPN provider 「ExpressVPN」YouTube promotion. 


Objective: Acquisition of subscription users
Target Audience:Japanese who are interested in learning English
Upload Date:29th Apr 2022

This time, I was introduced to YouTuber 「Naruchan」, who broadcasts life in the United States.
In the near future, she is planning to come back to Japan with her boyfriend Jacob, and in line with that,
they are able to create a set-up content that allows you to watch English content using a VPN.

This time, we were able to appeal to users more naturally by inserting a promotional part in the middle of the video that we usually post.

As a result, video views exceeded 230,000 views.
It was a successful promotion with many users registering for the VPN service.

It also received nearly 150 comments, many of which were positive.


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