What is the important seasonal event planning to win in Japan?

What is the important seasonal event planning to win in Japan?

This time, I would like to share with you the most important concept of seasonal event planning for marketing in Japan.

From the perspective of foreign companies, what is seasonal event planning? What it is?

However, this is a natural way of thinking in the Japanese retail industry.

There are four seasons in Japan, and there are various events unique to Japan throughout the year.

Because Japanese people have a custom of holding this event with great care, the theory of retailing is to carry out promotional planning in line with this event.

Retailers dealing in food such as supermarkets issue about 120 to 180 leaflets a year, 30 to 50 leaflets a year at electronics retail stores, 50 to 100 leaflets at GMS, and 30 to 50 leaflets at mall stores.

All of these flyers are planned following Japanese events (living behavior).

In other words, Japanese purchasing behavior is greatly influenced by events in Japan, so implementing a sales promotion plan that incorporates this event will be a big chance to win.

We have been increasing the sales of our clients through sales promotion projects focusing on events in Japan.

Our strength is that we combine our long experience with the Japanese retail industry with our long experience with the manufacturers who sell our products in that retail industry. We understand and plan strategies in two different industries, creating the best for both.

So why don't you focus on events in Japan and implement a sales promotion plan?

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