5 Key Considerations when using Influencer Marketing【Part3】

5 Key Considerations when using Influencer Marketing【Part3】

The third is "affinity between your products and influencer."

When conducting influencer marketing, it is no exaggeration to say that the affinity between your products and the influencer is the most critical point.

Even if you use an influencer, which has a lot of followers and views, you can hardly expect any effect if you don't have an affinity with your company's products. Then, how can we confirm the affinity between our products and influencer?

In the case of gadgets, cosmetics, and games companies, there are many influencers that provide professional distribution, so it is better to choose such influencers first. However, there is something to be careful about in influencers, which provides specialized distribution. It's a viewership. influencer, which specializes in delivering gadgets, has different audience attributes.

Although it is difficult to fit perfectly with the target of your company's products, let's try to use an influencer, which has a closer audience.

As for the audience attributes, it is desirable to check through a professional marketing company like us because only the owner of the account can check the contents.

For products that are supported by a relatively wide range of people, it is recommended to choose influencers, which is highly characteristic.

In influencer in Japan, an influencer is loved by a wide range of people, including HIKAKIN and Hajime Shacho. However, it may not be very realistic for small and medium-sized enterprises because the appointment of such influencers requires a large amount of money.

Recent trends include influencer, who was active on YouTube, starting TikTok, influencer, who was active on TikTok, starting YouTube, and influencer, who was active on TikTok, using multiple platforms as a battlefield. Even in this case, the audience attributes may vary depending on the platform, so make sure to check carefully.

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