5 Key Considerations when using Influencer Marketing【Part4】

5 Key Considerations when using Influencer Marketing【Part4】

The fourth one is "engagement between influencer and followers."

First of all, engagement is the degree of intimacy with followers. The higher the intimacy, the higher the trust in the influencer from followers, so we will change our attitude toward the products introduced by influencers as tie-ups. Each platform has its own measurement of intimacy.

In the case of YouTube, the points to evaluate are as follows.


You don't have to worry too much about the number of comments, but you need to be careful if there are too few comments about the number of views. Rather than that, let's analyze the content of the comments. If you look at the comments in the last 10 videos, you will see the intimacy between your followers and influencer. Of course, depending on the content of the video, the way the comments are posted changes, but are there any anti-comments? How many positive comments are there about the influencer? influencer How many comments do you have about your yearning? What do you tend to look for in a video? If you look for healing, use it as a reference for purchasing products, look at it with longing, and analyze the comments carefully, you will see the intimacy.


It is important to see the number of likes for the video itself, but I would like you to be more concerned about the likes of the viewers' comments. Viewers tend to press "like" for comments they sympathize with, so "like" for this comment is equivalent to one comment because viewers with similar feelings press "like".

Next is Instagram.

Instagram has changed a lot over the past few years because of the huge changes in its platform algorithms. Up until now, I have been able to see the degree of intimacy by looking at the number of likes and comments on YouTube, but these days, I need to analyze the information behind my account thoroughly.

①Home rate

This information can only be viewed by the owner of the account, but the formula is as follows. The number of followers reached ÷ the number of followers × 100. For example, if you reach 50,000 followers for an influencer post with 100,000 followers, your home rate will be 50%. On average, it's okay if it's over 40%, but if it's below 20%, the account itself has a low rating, so the intimacy with the followers will be very low. This home rate is an appropriate measure of how close you are to your followers because you cannot maintain a high rate unless you communicate well with them. As for the home rate, the information is behind the account, so you need to ask the influencer himself or a specialized agency like our company.

If you cannot confirm the home rate, please check the following.


This is the same comment analysis as YouTube.


The highlight is like the face of an account. Does the highlight contain valuable information for followers? For example, in the case of an influencer specializing in cosmetics, solutions such as skin problems and makeup problems, and information that followers want are summarized, the account tends to be highly evaluated by followers.

③Frequency of distribution of Instagram Live and Stories

I can't confirm this unless I actually follow you, but accounts with stories posted more than 3 times a week and Instagram lives more than once a week tend to have high intimacy with followers.

Lastly, TikTok.

As for TikTok, the algorithm is changing every day.

At this point, just like YouTube, analyze your comments and likes.

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