5 Key Considerations when using Influencer Marketing【Part5】

5 Key Considerations when using Influencer Marketing【Part5】

The last episode is "Always sign a contract."

At first glance, it looks obvious, but it is surprisingly troublesome, so there are more and more cases in which people just send and receive e-mails to save time.
Because the contract has not been concluded, there is a possibility that the promotional product will lose contact with the influencer as soon as it is sent, or that the details of the contract will not be filled out with various problems.
To prevent this from happening, we need to clarify our mutual arrangements in the contract. In particular, the following contents should be mentioned in the contract.
·Contract amount
·Payment method
·Payment date
·What are the deliverables?

Regarding other detailed requests and schedules, it is necessary to prepare a separate orientation sheet so that there is no difference between the two.

influencer I have written articles about 5 marketing precautions five times.
Once again, I would like to introduce five things.
①Set a goal (goals)
②Choose the Right Social Media Platform
③Affinity between one's products and influencer
④Influencer Engagement with followers
⑤The act of concluding a contract without fail
When conducting influencer marketing, please pay attention to these five points.

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