How to Increase the Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing

I am sure that many of you who are reading this article may already have experience in implementing influencer marketing. However, you may have the following problems as a result of implementing such strategies in the past:

  1. The cost effectiveness is not optimal.

  2. Although sales have temporarily increased, the impact has not been sustained.

We have the impression that many of the companies we have received inquiries from also have the same experience.

In this article, we would like to share with you a solution to such problems.

As a solution, we recommend that you manage your own Instagram account.

By running your own Instagram account, you can capitalize on your potential customers.

One of the characteristics of influencer marketing is that the effect is inevitably temporary.

Influencers' accounts are continuously distributing videos and photos. Some influencers upload videos and photos daily, while others upload videos and photos once a week. Because PR videos are posted as tie-ups, they tend to lose their freshness quickly. Unless the content of the video creates a lot of buzz, it will probably not be seen by the audience over a long period of time. This is even more of a challenge when it comes to tie-up videos.

The solution to this problem is to accumulate potential customers in your account and turn them into assets.

Let's look at the general purchasing process based on the AISAS model:



Customer's recognition and the initial contact period (when a customer comes into contact with the company's brand)


Customer's interest, the time period when the brand remains in customers' minds (when customers become interested in the company's brand)


Information gathering and consideration period (when customers research and examine the company's brand in various ways)


Purchase (when customers buy products of a company's brand)


Through worth of mouth, customers become influencers  (customers share with others and on social networking sites about your brand).

With the widespread use of the Internet, the purchasing process has diversified, meaning that, when applied to the general AISAS model, influencer marketing can only achieve "(1) Attention" or "(2) Interest" at most. If a company has a large budget, it is possible to reach "(3) Search" and "(4) Action" by continuously implementing influencer marketing in a short period of time. However, it is not easy for small and medium-sized companies with limited budgets. 

In order to overcome this, it is advisable to operate your own Instagram account in order to communicate with potential customers on an ongoing basis, leading them to make purchases.

The main purpose of the company's own account is to execute "(3) Search" and "(4) Action".

By combining influencer marketing with this, we can integrate "(1) Attention" and "(2) Interest".

Recently, information gathering tools in the Japanese market have shifted from web browsers to social networking sites (mainly Instagram). In other words, people are gathering more raw information from Instagram than from SEO-compliant websites. This trend has shifted the main battlefield for content marketing from the Internet to SNS. In line with this change, an increasing number of companies in Japan are implementing Instagram content marketing using their own accounts.

However, there is a high level of difficulty in operating a company's own account for it to effectively function. The Instagram algorithm is changing on a daily basis, and if you cannot operate in accordance with the algorithm, it is difficult to promote the desired outcome, that is, a successful purchase.

In order to successfully manage this operation within a company, it is necessary to hire a single professional who is responsible solely for account management. Alternatively, a professional Instagram management company like us provides this service.

PROMOJAPAN also offers free consultation regarding your Instagram account.

Please feel free to contact us for more details!

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