What sells in Japan's Valentine's Day shopping season

What sells in Japan's Valentine's Day shopping season

While the customs of Valentine's Day may differ from country to country, in Japan, it is customary for women to give chocolates and gifts to men every year on February 14.

Recently, a "Tomo Chocolate" culture has emerged, where women send chocolates and gifts to their friends.  The Valentine's Day market is worth about 140 billion yen every year.

Although the market size is not that large, to increase sales in Japan, as we wrote in our previous article, it is important to plan and execute events that incorporate the Japanese seasonal events.

Especially for expensive items priced at 10,000 yen or more, various reasons will motivate people to buy and consume the items.  I would like to take a moment to introduce Valentine's Day around the world.

South Korea

Valentine's Day in Korea is said to be more festive than in Japan.

In Japan, there is a custom of giving back giri chocolates and White Day.

Interestingly, there is a Black Day on April 14, when people who had nothing to do with Valentine's Day or White Day wear black clothes and eat jarred noodles.


In China, there are two Valentine's Days, one on February 14 and the other on July 7 of the lunar calendar, known as "Lover's Day.

Contrary to Japan, it is a day for couples to confirm their love for each other by giving Valentine's Day gifts to women from men.


In Italy, it is a day when men put extra effort into treating women. On Valentine's Day, they give red roses and red underwear to women. Men also propose to women.

the United Kingdom

In the UK, Valentine's Day is also a time when men give Valentine's Day gifts to women. Men send bouquets or accessories to confess their love. There is also a slightly unusual custom of sending a Valentine's Day card with the sender's name withheld to express love.


In Thailand, Valentine's Day is also a day for men to confess their love to women, and they usually give a bouquet of roses. Many people join the family register on Valentine's Day.

the United States

It is also a day when men express their love to women in America. As Valentine's gifts, accessories, and bouquets are given. Looking at it like this, it seems like most countries send Valentine's gifts from men to women.

In Japan and Korea, Valentine's gifts are sent from women to men, which is rare in the world.

Now, I'll show you what other things you can sell on Valentine's Day in Japan besides chocolate.

Fashion & Fashion Accessories

Tie, mufflers, pants, socks, tie pins, cuff buttons, wallets, coin purses, business card holders, key cases, watch, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, handkerchiefs, glasses cases, pen cases, perfume, smartphone cases, leather shoe polish set


Shaver, wireless earphones, handy cleaner, toy drone, wireless speaker, tabletop air purifier, tabletop humidifier, electric toothbrush, clothes deodorizer

Men's skincare products

Lotion, milky lotion, eyebrow cutter, nose hair cutter, nail polish set, oral care goods, shower head


Camping equipment, car equipment, rider equipment, running equipment, alcohol, interior goods

Every year, I try to pick up the items that are suggested as Valentine's Day plans, but if I can make other suggestions as Valentine's gifts, the items will be sold.

The most important thing at this time is the catch copy.

If we can stimulate the customer's insights with this catch copy, we can propose any product as Valentine's gift.

When you propose your company's products to customers as Valentine's gifts, think carefully about the catch copy.  This alone will greatly change sales.​​​​​​​

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