Japan's entrance to kindergarten and new life sales

Japan's entrance to kindergarten and new life sales

◆Entrance to kindergarten and new life season in Japan

In Japan, a new school year begins in April. At the same time, many people start new lives at kindergarten entrance and university entrance ceremonies, as well as at new company entrance ceremonies for working people and various reassignments of employees due to organizational changes.

Many Japanese companies settle their accounts in March, and many of them start a new fiscal year in April. Many companies that close their books in March are aiming to finalize sales at the end of the fiscal year, and there are many sales and sales expansion measures in various industries.

Japanese electronics retailers tend to hold "year-end sales" during the fiscal year end, and "year-end sales" have become a standard event in the e-commerce industry as well. This is the time of year when the market is the largest throughout the year, as it is the time of year when sales expand in all industries.

◆Sales trends in each industry

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is the largest in terms of the sales volume. The real estate industry's sales are expanded as people move to new locations or purchase new homes. The home appliance industry also has a market here, as more and more houses are being equipped with home appliances for rent.

Consumer electronics industry

The next largest in terms of sales volume is the consumer electronics industry.

All axes are linked to the movement of people, but purchasing behavior is greatly stimulated by the replacement or new purchase of home appliances due to relocations or changes in the office environment. Especially during this period, there is also a lot of demand for gifts.

White goods (refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, etc.) and Black goods (TVs, recorders, cameras, etc.). Other home appliances that enhance the quality of life, such as beauty appliances and coffee makers, will also be in high demand. Japanese home appliance manufacturers will sell new products at this time of the year, and inventory clearance sales of older models will further increase purchasing demand.

Gadgets Industry

A new life means a major change in your living environment. This includes residential areas, housing, commuting routes, office environments, office locations, and people with whom one comes in contact.

This change in living environment often leads to major changes in the necessities of one's daily life, which in turn leads to increased demand for gadget-related products. For example, wireless earphones for commuting, keyboards, mice, hubs, cables, mobile batteries, and desk air purifiers for use around the desk.

There are opportunities to increase sales for a variety of products. Demand for relaxation-related products will also increase during this period due to the excessive stress caused by the changing situation of overseas Chinese residents.

Apparel Industry

Japan has four distinct seasons, and the changing of the seasons also encourages a large increase in demand in the apparel industry. In addition, children are growing up fast, meaning that it is time to buy new clothes.

Other industries

Cosmetics, stationery, food, food service, IT and telecommunications, and other industries will all see market opportunities.

◆How to compete in the season of kindergarten entrance and new life

The basic strategy is to conduct thorough research on the lifestyle behavior of the Japanese people, and to develop plans and product proposals that are tailored to their lifestyle behavior. This is not limited to the period of new life. It is possible to expand sales by constantly understanding the lifestyle behavior of the Japanese throughout the year and implementing strategies accordingly.

This is the basis for Japanese companies' sales promotion activities.

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