3 gadget influencers recommended by marketers

3 gadget influencers recommended by marketers

December has passed the middle of the month, and we have two weeks left this year. The temperature in Japan has been below 10 degrees Celsius every day, and it looks like it will snow tomorrow in Fukuoka, our base. Due to the cold weather, there has recently been a series of promotions of heating appliances by gadget-based influencers.

So this time, I would like to introduce three gadgets influencers that marketers recommend. The recommended influencer is selected from three perspectives.

①high level of intimacy with followers

②High quality review videos


The first one is the "Kazu Channel".

He started YouTube in 2010 and has a career of more than 12 years. He is an influencer living in Fukui prefecture, located in the Hokuriku region of Japan. Everyone is familiar with Kazu's nickname. Above all, his charm is the dialect of Fukui Prefecture's accent. There is no doubt that the slightly rustic atmosphere keeps the audience close. Originally, I mainly distributed gadgets, but recently I've been using them to promote various products due to their high personality.

The second is "Watanabe Kazumasa."

He started YouTube in 2013 and has a career of about 10 years. He lives in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan. The nature of Hokkaido, which can be seen in videos from time to time, is very rich. Kazumasa Watanabe's charm is her accurate choice of words and product reviews from a user's perspective, conveying everything viewers want to know. He is one of the YouTubers who has had a high effect on past promotions.

The third one is "Segorita the 3rd".

He also works as a musician, so he is good at music-related equipment among gadgets. He is characterized by a large number of fans because he is aware of the detailed specifications that amateurs do not notice and distributes the review video. For music-related devices such as wireless earphones, speakers, and headphones, it is recommended that Segorita the 3rd be promoted first. As we can hear opinions about products from a user's point of view, it will definitely help develop and market products in the future.

Finally, from our point of view as agents, all three have in common that only promote products that you think are good. I think this attitude is connected to trust with viewers. If you are confident in your products, why don't you consider promoting them with the three selected parties?

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