World Baseball Classic Sale Report

World Baseball Classic Sale Report

Today's article is about increasing sales through a sale using the World Baseball Classic as a springboard. Have you seen WBC?

I'm sure the people of the 20 participating countries must have had a great time. The players from all countries were top-notch and the games were excellent and impressive. There were many touching moments, and I was also inspired and felt the passion of the team during this event.

As the leader of the PROMOJAPAN team, I felt that I had to improve the team's strength. With that out of the way, I would like to get down to the main topic.

In Japan, the winner of the WBC, many companies and stores are promoting sales under the title of "WBC Championship Sale". Nojima, the 6th largest electronics retailer in Japan, offered iPad 9th generation, 4K TV, and air conditioner for 5 days only as "WBC Japan Championship Sale" items. The company has already announced a second round of the sale.



The post on Twitter was covered by a number of online news media and spread widely. We can therefore assume that it was highly effective in terms of advertising.

In order for manufacturers to take advantage of the project, they need to bring the project to mass retailers at an earlier stage. In some cases, the mass retailers propose the plan to the manufacturer, and in other cases, the manufacturer proposes the plan to the mass retailers. Since buyers at all mass retailers are very busy, they are welcome to bring in a plan from the manufacturer. However, the current situation is that manufacturers are not always able to propose sales promotion plans. In addition, supermarkets all over Japan were holding special sales, offering products at prices named after the player's back number.

PROMOJAPAN has been involved in sales promotions for numerous retailers and manufacturers, and can provide support for such planning. Please feel free to reach out to us for more details!

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